Acoustic Glass Wall with Framed Doors installed in Physio Practice SW London

Designer Glass Walls in 7 Days

Additional Information

 We can supply and fit a vast range of office partitioning to meet any requirement, including glass partitioning, demountable partitioning, fire rated partitioning, sound rated partitioning, timber framed partitioning and switchable privacy glass/intelligent glass 

What is involved?

Step 1. Quoting

We can quote by email without the need to visit if you have some basic measurements. 

Step 2. Ordering

If you wish to proceed we can arrange a 1st fix of our perimeter channel in a few days. Our expert installers will laser measure the area for our glass cutting and discuss door opening positions. The track install then takes place

Step 3. Confirming Glass walls install

If the sizes are different from quoted we will inform you of either a reduction or upcahrge in quoted price and arrange the glass install day..Usually within 7 working days of first attending

Step4. Install Day

At agreed day we will attend site with Glass and complete final stage..All we ask is that we are given some room to manoeuvre.Voila...designer Glass partitions

Mission statements – Our mission is to be the best in the Industry, give the best service at the most competitive prices

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Glass Partition Video

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