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Our space planning team works closely with our sales, tender and quotation teams to interpret the client brief and to supply a full assessment of workplace and design requirements using the latest technologies to produce effective spatial design and employ the Settings concept with the aim of realising the client’s vision.

As part of the space planning process, the team reviews the client need, how much space is required to operate efficiently, evaluates the basic constraints of the building and the opportunities for change, includes feedback on inter-departmental relationships and requirement for collaboration between teams, job task and function, office design requirements, working practices and furniture needs to produce plans and models using 2D, 3D technologies to illustrate the design options.

Provisional space plans and illustrations of the client’s ideas and preferences with recommendations based on the assessment of space for the client are produced for feedback and discussion with the client, and their design partners and contractors, and can be adapted on further discussions on product choices and their look and feel in the visualisation.

Our Space Planning team uses the latest technologies to realistically recreate environments to accurately visualise the product in the environment, incorporating workplace planning and the Settings concept as an integral part of the process of facilitating change to meet a client’s objectives.

How much will a Refurbishment cost me?


Typical 2015/2016 Office fit-out project costs are ranging from £42 per square foot (£450 per square metre) for an office refurb from CAT A standard to £75 per square foot (£800 per square metre) for a project that includes a significant upgrade to the building ventilation systems. A recently completed, high specification, project for example completed at £62.50 psf, which would have been at a higher cost, above £80 psf, but the project re-used a considerable amount of FF&E from an existing premises to achieve savings.

Certain office occupation projects involve a fit-out cost per square foot far higher than the typical range. Montage has completed schemes with costs in the region of £180 - £200 per square foot. Interior fit-out projects with this level of office occupation fit-out costs differ from regular office interior refurbishment in that the fittings, materials and furniture will be specified to the very highest standard, rather than usual commercial levels.

Savills suggest a price range for CAT B office fit-out costs of £40 - £60 per square foot (£430 per square metre - £640 per square metre) for a basic specification, £60 - £80 psf for a mid-range

All figures quoted by Montage include design, CDM & Building Regulation submissions, and project management...the figures are for complete start-to-finish projects.

Data quoted elsewhere.

Office Fit Out Terminology - Cat A and Cat B

CAT A refers to the fit-out or refurbishment undertaken by a Landlord. Typically this will include suspended ceilings and lighting, a raised floor with carpet, air conditioning, sometimes a degree of local power within the open floor area, and sometimes a teapoint with plumbing. Showers and WCs are usually included within the base build. CAT A also describes the quality of the Landlords fit-out, with a level that is commensurate with a building at the upper end of the rental value for the location

CAT B is the Tenants office fit-out, covering partitions, data, features and infrastructure unique to the occupier

Noise in the Office


 Noise Control in Office

Good Background Noise in the office

Common open plan areas such as breakout zones, cafe areas or teapoints are often used as meeting and collaborative areas. Noise is often considered to be a problem. One meeting can interrupt another, or individuals working or reading.

A solution is to use background noise. White noise generation hasn't been a great success, mainly because it's an unpleasant sound. However music or TV, distributed by multiple speakers, provides an effective mask for voice, and also sets a noise level which people often blend with, rather than talking too loudly.

TIPuse aTV or music to set a masking level of sound.

White noise is typically a hissing sound which is ok when an area has other sound, but is irritating when heard on its own.

Another way to mask the interference of voice is to make air handling equipment emit more noise (defeat the NR setup) so that the air circulation noise is louder. However as with White Noise, this can be intrusive when heard on its own, and cannot be turned off as required.

Unwanted background noise

Open plan desking areas can suffer fromnoise distraction. Quiet rooms may be one solution, but there are methods to combat open plan distraction. Soft materials(fabric and upholstery, carpet thickness, acoustic baffles, ceiling features, curtains) can help to absorb sound rather than reflect, and this can eliminate speech bounce where noise is reflected to add to the noise level. Screens on deskshelp to muffle noise, as well.

TIP try to avoid an office interiorthat uses mostly hard surfaces. Softer materials absorb noise.

Noise between officescan occur due to several reasons. Air conditioning grilles can allow sound to travel between rooms, and is a very common route. Similarly open ceiling voids are another common route for sound transfer. In both cases attenuation is achieved using physical barriers. Sound can also travel under a raised floor, although this is less common.

Partition seals where walls have exposed ductwork are often a problem, and again use a physical barrier as the solution.

Partition walls themselveshave a sound rating, and the thicker, more solid,the partition the more sound insulation is achieved. For the very best acoustic insulation a partition can be built through a ceiling up to the structural soffit...but this isn't a flexible solution.

TIPsound travel is stoppedby physical barriers. Ceiling baffles, partitionsand screens all help to control, or stop, noise travel

Can your work space make you ill?


 Musculoskeletal disorders leap by a fifth, according to latest HSE data

While the UK remains one of the safest places to work in Europe, work related ill health continues to rise for British employees according to the latest data from the Health and Safety Executive. The HSE claims that there were some 28 million days lost over the lastyear, costing the economy over £14 billion. While the most dangerous professions continue to be construction, agriculture and manufacturing, the report found that over two thirds of days lost (20 million) and some £9 billion can be attributed to a number of well defined causes rooted in the modern workplace; musculoskeletal disorders, stress, anxiety and depression. The HSE study claims that around 80 per cent of new work-related illnesseswere attributableto these conditions.Of the 535,000 new illnesses reported in 2013/14, 184,000 were musculoskeletal disorders and 244,000 were related to stress and depression. There are now over half a million (526,000) people with self-reported cases of musculoskeletal disorders in the UK, up by 20 percent since figures were last reported in 2011/12.

The report also found that around 2 million people were suffering from an illness (long standing as well as new cases) they believed was caused or made worse by their current or past work. Reports of ill health by doctors and specialist physicians back up the data. In 2005, a surveillance scheme was created to collect reports of new cases of work-related ill health from a sample of around 250 general practitioners (GPs). In 2013, the scheme found that musculoskeletal disorders were the most common type of work-related illness, accounting for nearly 50 percent of the total.

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Q. How much will I have to budget for my office move? -  A. please see above as a guide 

Q. I only want a light Office Refurbishment, what can you suggest? 

 A. Replacing a few solid walls with glass and adding some colour -for instance in some new chairs

Q. Can you do landlord dilapidations?

A. Happily

Q. I am moving office and want ideas on office fit out without any commitment

A. Come and see us at the showroom where we can talk through the different costs and we will produce a layout drawing and if necessary a fully rendered image free of charge


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